Monticello on Jefferson buys with a conscience.
Our clothing is handpicked for you.

Monticello On Jefferson StreetWe make it simple and easy for you to shop with a conscience.  There are no human rights violations in any of our seams. We are American made and offer you the “human touch” in what you wear next to your body. Our styles are classic, vintage, retro, and artful. The fabrics are natural fibers: rayon, linen, wool, cotton, silk, and tencel.
They are of the Earth and are respectful of the Earth.
We believe that you feel the difference in clothing designed by real artists and made by happy sewers who are the “Real” beauty behind the fashion. No child labour, no prison labour, no unhealthy factories here… instead some stay at home moms and garments constructed in the United States in our small factories… there are even sewers in a barn!

An intimate boutique where art, passion, and femininity come together.

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Expressive clothing.
Wonderful books.
Artful gifts.
Fabulous jewelry.
Sensational handbags.
Fanciful adornments.
Your destination for inspiration.
Open year round.